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Agent is a part of Anturis system that does actual monitoring.

It is equipped with a number of plugins (per supported Monitor kinds) to perform monitoring tasks of different nature. Collected data is then sent to Anturis cloud servers over secure HTTP-based channel.

There are public Agents that are shared between all Anturis customers (i.e. each customer may choose any public Agents to monitor its web-site from) and privateAgentsthat are installed on customer servers.

Here is the list of Anturis public Agents’ IP addresses.

How to install private Anturis Agent

Private Anturis Agentinstaller is a part of Anturis software package.

After you download and run Anturis software package installer make sure you install Anturis Agent (and Anturis Agent Manager if you are on Windows). If you install on Linux you can also install and connect Agent automatically by clicking Auto Install button.

Download links and Auto Install button can be found in Anturis console in Locations&Agents tab.

Once installed, private Agent is able to check local machine resources as well as remote network devices or applications.

Agent source code can be provided to our customers upon request.

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