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Alert indicates occurrence of something bad (i.e. when Status of some Component gets not OK and Problem starts). It is possible to configure Alert Notification to be sent (e.g. over e-mail or SMS) to some Responsible Person in order to let her know about the Problem.

The following means of Notification are possible:

  • over e-mail,
  • with SMS,
  • using voice call.

Problem Severity to Means of Notification Mapping

One may consider using different means of communication according to the Severity of a Problem, e.g. e-mail for minor issues and voice call for important things. This can be configured for each Person in its edit tab.

Notification Credits

E-mail Notifications are free of charge for everybody, while sending out of SMSes and voice calls may require Notification Credits available in your account. Please consult your price plan details, that can be found on Account page.

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