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With term Infrastructure we call everything what you monitor with Anturis. It represents all customer IT resources within Anturis Console.

Infrastructure consists of Components of different Categories, same way as in some organization's network there are different devices (such as servers. printers or routers) can be found. However it is important to note that Anturis monitors not only network devices but also applications, web services and other IT infrastructure elements.

Dependencies (Links) between Components and Infrastructure Graph

With Anturis Console it is possible to set up impact dependencies between Components. E.g. a web-site depends on a web server software, which in turn depends on a server machine, where it is running. If the machine goes down then web server software appears down as well and the web-site becomes unreachable. In other words, the server impacts the application and the application impacts the web site. Impact dependencies are presented with arrow links within Infrastructure Graph on Anturis Console main page.

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