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Monitor represents a single IT infrastructure resource that needs to be measured or checked.

Depending on the type of such resource there may be many Monitor types. For example: server CPU load, website HTTP latency, log file, MySQL, etc. The bigger customer's infrastructure is - the more Monitors are required to monitor it.

There are two primary types of a Monitor: external or web-site Monitor and internal or infrastructure local resource Monitor.

External Monitor (Web Monitor)

External Monitor is used to check end-user experience of a web application (such as a web site or mail server). Testing is usually performed using Anturis Public Agents over the Internet, but can be also performed using Private Agents within customer's intranet. Example protocols for this kind of Monitors are: HTTP, IMAP/SMTP/POP3, ICMP ping, etc. A separate important subtype of External Monitor is the Synthetic Web Transaction Monitor used to run multi-step scenarios emulating complex user behavior with a web application.

Each External Monitor has several Metrics - one per each Public Agent used in monitoring. Say, if a web-site is monitored from New-York, Paris and Tokyo then such a Monitor will contain 3 Metrics so that a user is able to check HTTP latencies from those 3 different locations.

Internal Monitor (Local Resource Monitor)

Internal Monitor is used to check health of back-end IT infrastructure (such as servers, software or network equipment). Testing is performed using Anturis Private Agents within customer's intranet. Example Monitor kinds: CPU, SNMP, log file, OS process, MySQL, etc.

Monitor Period

Monitor Period is the time interval between two subsequent checks of a monitored object. The shorter the period - the earlier a Problem can be discovered. Optimal period is 1 minute. the minimal period you may set is limited with your price plan. Please consult Account page to see which minimal period you may use (it is usually set by default when creating a new Monitor).

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